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Bolivar Rug Hooking Fabric Cutter

Bolivar Fabric Cutter in action The Bolivar Fabric Cutter is designed for the rug hooking craft. Our goal has been to provide an easy to use fabric cutter that will give years of trouble free operation. We believe this goal has been achieved with our three fabric cutter models: Standard, Triple Base Model V, and Single Base Model V.

The Bolivar Fabric Cutter was the first on the market in 1993 with a rug hooking fabric cutting tool that uses circular shearing action to cut fabric into strips. Hundreds have been sold to satisfied customers all over North America. When you buy a Bolivar Fabric Cutter you are purchasing a solid and proven design that has delighted rug hookers everywhere.

The Bolivar Cutter has a smooth mechanism that is very easy to operate. Just turn the handle and fabric is drawn into the circular shears and cleanly sliced into precise strips of a given width. Click Here for Demo Video There are no batteries, power cords, or adjustments. Setup consists of clamping the Bolivar Cutter to a worktable (up to 1.25 inches thick) using the built in set screw.

The Bolivar Fabric Cutter is built to last. It is very rugged and sturdy being primarily built of metal components. The base, body, and key moving parts are either made from aluminum (for its lightness) or steel (for its strength). Other components are made of industrial grade nylon or brass. The Bolivar Fabirc Cutter is manufactured entirely in Nova Scotia, Canada by a skilled crafts-people who take pride in their work and are designed to give years of service.

Three Models to Choose From

Model Name Picture Description
Standard Standard Model Comes with three shear-heads that cut three different strip widths. Shear-heads are not removable or interchangeable like the other models. The Standard model has three fixed shear-heads of choice and was initially offered to the public in 1993.
Triple Base Model V Triple Base Model V Introduced in 2005 this model is the same as the Standard model except the shear-heads are interchangeable and can be easily swapped with a tool provided. The user may purchase extra shear-heads and change them as needed.
Single Base Model V Single Base Model V Introduced in 2005 this model is the same as the Triple Base Model V except the base holds one shear-head at a time. The Single Base Model V is the smallest and lightest of the Bolivar Fabric Cutter line and is suitable for those who travel and interchangeable with all shear-heads.

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Shear Head Sizes

All Bolivar Fabric Cutters have shear-heads in the following sizes. Note that with the Stanard Model the shear-heads are fixed and cannot be changed, though you may choose any three shear-head sizes when you place an order, With the Triple Base Model V and Single Base Model V additional shear-heads can be purchased and easily swapped with the tool provided.

Strip Width
Standard Shear
Number of
Double Shear
Number of
3 3 / 32 6 12
4 1 / 8 5 10
5 5 / 32 4 9
6 3 / 16 4 8
7 7 / 32 3 6
8 1 / 4 3 6
9 9 / 32 3 6
10 5 / 16 3 5
11 11 / 32 3 4
12 3 / 8 2 4
13 13 / 32 2 4
14 7 / 16 2 3
15 15 / 32 2 3
16 1 / 2 2 3

Hooked Rug Gallery

Want to share your work with others? Well now you can with our Hooked Rug Gallery. The BolivarCutter gallery is free and open to all rugs that were hooked using fabric cut with the Bolivar Fabric Cutter. Let the world admire your work! Click here to learn how to add your work.

Furthermore our gallery lets web surfers set any rug as their computer desktop wallpaper. Just 'right click' on a rug's image and a menu will appear. Click on the 'Set as Wallpaper' menu option to transfer the rug's image to your computer desktop. Beautiful!

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